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Colorado Solar Electric - High Quality Solar Panels and Power Systems

Welcome to COSOLAR.COM!

We are a solar electric supply company located in New Castle, Colorado. Colorado Solar, Inc. provides local installers and DIY'ers with all types of solar electric equipment for off-grid or grid-tie systems. We have served the area for over ten years, and we keep up to date with the newest technology and best products. Although Colorado Solar no longer installs systems, we can provide our customers with local contractors information.


We are also proud to serve customers outside of Colorado through our on-line e-commerce store,





Over the years, solar power has evolved into a modular technology well suited to personal power generation. In many parts of the world national incentives have created many large utility scale projects as well. Usually a mandated incentive is required to make solar power competitive with coal or hydro based electricity. If you live in an area with incentives, like Colorado, it is worth looking into the details. Typically the incentives are geared to owners of facilities connected the existing electric utility, and are based on a system which is permanently installed on a home or business. Incentives are usually structured to ensure a quality installation by requiring good solar exposure, listed equipment with good warrantees, and installation by qualified persons. A local solar contractor is the best source of information about these programs.

Remote homes, or systems not connected to a utility, are usually not eligible for as many incentives, but tax credits still apply.

If you are interested in a grid-tied (that is, connected to a utility) system, the size of the system is only limited by space constraints and your electric utility policies. This is the most efficient type of system and the energy from the solar panels is converted directly to standard AC power and synchronized with the utility. Any surplus energy is effectively sold to the utility instantly, so storing energy is not necessary. Optionally, a grid-tied system can include some energy storage to provide backup power during power failures.

If you are interested in a non-grid-tied (that is, not connected to a utility, also called Off-Grid or Standalone) system, the size of the system must be well matched to the electrical loads. This type of system also requires batteries, and usually a backup generator.


Specific information on both types of systems can be found on the next pages - Thanks for visiting.